• LO-Phonon

    ZnO large LO phonon energy allows for efficient intersubband radiative transitions.

  • MSP plasmon

    Montes Bajo et al. "Multisubband Plasmons in Doped ZnO Quantum Wells", Phys. Rev. Applied 10, 024005 (2018)

    Featured as Editor's Suggestion!

  • New MBE

    New Zoterac MBE now fully operative at CRHEA-CNRS!

  • QCL

    Quantum Cascade Lasers rely on successive intersubband transitions in a large array of quantum wells.

ZOTERAC is a project funded by the European Commission's HORIZON 2020 programme which proposes a disruptive approach based on ZnO-based nano-engineered semiconductors in order to realize compact THz emitters and detectors. These devices are based on the quantum cascade concept and take benefit of the large optical phonon energy of ZnO (twice that of GaAs) for achieving high temperature operation.

ZOTERAC aims at demonstrating THz emitters operating at room-temperature with mW output power capability as well as THz quantum detectors with unprecedentedly large operating temperatures.

ZOTERAC regroups world–class academic experts on ZnO technologies, quantum cascade lasers and detectors as well as THz optoelectronics.